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Complimentary Alignment Check Why should you have to pay for an alignment when you dont need one? We will perform a Complimentary alignment check and only charge if adjustments have to be made. Some restrictions may apply. Contact store for details. ... [more...]

Houston Auto Repair

Serving both individual and fleet customers throughout the Houston area since 1949

Today’s highly sophisticated vehicles can last up to 300,000 miles, but this is only possible when the vehicle is properly maintained and taken care of. At Kacal’s we have the roadmap to help you get the most out of the second largest investment you will make, your vehicle. Check under our services tab for detailed guidance to help you through the process of taking care of your baby!

Along with detailed guidance and help we also offer our customers a 21-bay state-of-the-art facility where they can take their vehicles for all maintenance and repair issues. We know that you would not want a person who is unqualified to perform work on your vehicle, particularly because new vehicles have become so complex. This is why we employ an on-staff trainer, so that when we hire qualified technicians they will receive further training and gain even more knowledge while working alongside the trainer.

Since Kacal’s employs an on-staff trainer we save our customers both time and money with same day services and by only installing parts that need to be installed. Now you can get your vehicles back on the road faster and get more work done. After all, my Daddy always said time is money! Kacal’s also has several other benefits that are not offered by our competitors listed below:

  • Complimentary alignment inspections on both passenger vehicles and heavy duty trucks!
  • Complimentary fluid top off with oil changes!
  • Complimentary shuttle service for both consumers and fleet companies!
  • 24-month 24,000-mile nationwide warranty on consumer vehicles!
  • 12-month 12,000-mile nationwide warranty on fleet vehicles!

Also, our parking lot is very secure. We have a security system that is active 24/7 and big lights that light up our parking lot. So, your vehicles will be very safe if they have to stay at our facility overnight or over the weekend.

Kacal's Owner - Mike Kacal | Houston Auto Repair  MIKE KACAL

Satisfaction Guarantee

Kacal’s Auto and Truck Service was founded on principles of quality, honesty, and integrity. We continue that legacy by operating under strict ethical business practices. We guarantee that all repairs are completed to your satisfaction. If for any reason your experience was less than excellent, I will personally address your concerns and do what ever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

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