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What are the Symptoms of a Failing Fuel Filter?

A fuel filter is part of a vehicle's fuel system, eliminating the impediments that lead to the cars' starting and running issues. Its function is to filter out any potential form of dirt and fragments such as paint chips and rust particles from entering the fuel pump, thus protecting the engine from wearing out and wreaking-havoc on the vehicle.

Therefore, fuel filters need routine maintenance and replacements for longevity, ensure the engine operates at its peak performance, and prevent sudden breakdowns and unnecessary repair expenses. Being keen to notice the signs that show the need for a new fuel filter is essential, and the following three symptoms are enough to know a failing fuel filter and request a replacement.

1. Problems in starting the engine

Given that fuel filters are installed for the engine's protection, once it becomes difficult to start the engine, it will sign a failing fuel filter, and checking if it is clogged is the necessary step to take. The dirt and the fragments the filter screens and prevent from entering the fuel injectors can lead to a build-up that will block the filter and reduce the fuel pump's oil supply and to the engine.

2. Poor functioning of the engine

When the engine sputters, surges, or hesitates on random occasions, especially on a steep incline, it is a symptom of a failing fuel filter that should be replaced. A clogged fuel filter restricts the fuel that is supposed to flow freely to the engine when the vehicle is fast or quick acceleration and leads to sputters and shakes whenever there is a change in speed, a clear sign of a failing fuel filter.

3. Noisy engines and leaking of the fuel injector

The blocked fuel filter reduces the amount of fuel flowing to the fuel pump, which makes the pump motor be under pressure that makes it to be noisy and finally stops working. When the fuel filter malfunctions, the fuel injector is most likely to leak, which is very dangerous because it can lead to various engine problems.

Replacing a faulty fuel filter requires the best mechanics in the field to ensure they leave your car running at peak performance. If you need fuel filter replacement, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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