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What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

Shock and struts make the vehicle run stably by absorbing the impact on sudden braking, when driving on uneven surfaces, or accelerating. Many of the modern vehicle models use either of the two or a combination of both. When they are worn, you will have a rough ride, and the vehicle may damage other items such as the drivetrain and the steering systems.

Here are some signs of worn struts and shocks:

Uneven Sliding and Veering

If you are driving in normal conditions, you do not expect to slide or veer off the road. The car should also drive straight even in mild wind conditions. However, if you have problems driving straight on the road, it is one sign of bad shocks.

Uneven Tire Wear

Usually, tires wear uniformly. However, if some struts are not working right, you will find patchy areas of wear on the tire. This is caused by tires that are not flat on the road. Tires that do not touch the road firmly are at a higher risk of hydroplaning or getting flat.

Rolling and Rocking

Shocks prevent driving from becoming choppier or rough, even of rough terrain. However, if you find the vehicle shaking when you drive on smooth roads, in mild rough terrain, or while passing a simple road bump, it may be caused by worn shocks. Driving is also uncomfortable and very dangerous, especially at high speeds.

Swerving when Coming to a Stop

Braking causes the front of the car to take a small dip. However, if it is going down in a way that you feel it, this is a sign of bad shocks. If you ignore it, it is likely to swerve with every braking, especially in wet conditions.

Braking Delays

Your vehicle should react as soon as you press the pedal. However, if it takes longer to stop after braking, it is a sign of bad shocks. Change the shocks immediately as braking delays can cause accidents, especially in emergency conditions.

If you have problems with car shocks or struts, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for professional repair.

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