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Five Fast Fixes 4/1/2015

Vehicle:    2005 Lexus GX470 Base 4.7L, V8, MFI, DOHC, Eng Desg 2UZFE
Mileage:    116,853
Customer Concern:    The left rear suspension is lower than the rest of the vehicle and there is a code 51. Replaced the left rear air suspension bag but it will not fill up.

1. Code 51 indicates that the air suspension pump ran for more than 100 seconds but the vehicle height did not change. Determine if the pump is working properly and that it is able to build pressure. 

2. Test the rear height control valve and determine if it has battery voltage applied to the Purple/White wire and good ground on the White/Black wire. If so, the control unit is trying to open the valve and direct air to the left rear air suspension bag. If the height control valve has power and ground for the left rear circuit and there is no air coming out to the left rear air suspension bag, the rear height control valve may be faulty.
Potential Causes:
Rear Height Control Valve
Confirmed Fix:
Replaced Rear Height Control Valve

Vehicle:    2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X 3.8L, V6, VIN 1, Naturally Aspirated
Mileage:    83,054
Customer Concern:    "ESP off" is displayed in the odometer at key on but the normal "ESP off" indicator does not work when pressing the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) off switch.

1. The ESP system has likely been permanently disabled. 

2. To enable it again, perform this procedure:
A. Turn the key on for 5 seconds and then start the engine.

B. Shift the transfer case to 4Hi.

C. With the steering wheel centered (straight ahead position), turn the steering wheel 180 degrees to the right. Press and hold the ESP button for 7 seconds. Then release the ESP button.

D. Turn the steering wheel counterclockwise to the centered position and then turn to left 180 degrees. Press and hold the ESP button for 7 seconds. Then release the ESP button.

E. Turn the steering wheel back to centered position. Press and hold the ESP button for 7 seconds. Then release the ESP button.

F. Turn the key off.
Potential Causes:    Disabled Esp System
Confirmed Fix:    Performed ESP System Disable/Enable Procedure
Tech Tips:    Performing this procedure will enable or disable the ESP system. The procedure may also be in the owner's manual.

Vehicle:    2009 Audi A5 Quattro Base 3.2L, V6, MFI, DOHC, Eng Desg CALA
Mileage:    70,000
Customer Concern:    The low oil level indicator is on after changing the oil and installing the correct amount. Is there a reset?

1. The low oil level indicator should reset when it sees the hood open and close which would occur during an oil change. 

2. Using a scanner, access address 46 and look at the operation of the hood switch in measure value block 026. If it always reads closed, verify the connector is plugged in. If it is, refer to Technical Service Bulletin 2023967/6.
Potential Causes:
Failed Hood Lock Assembly
Confirmed Fix:    Replaced Hood Lock Assembly

Vehicle:    2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ 6.6L, V8, MFI, VIN 8, Eng Desg LML
Mileage:    140,574
Customer Concern:    The engine will not start when hot. The previous owner filled the fuel tank with gasoline and damaged the fuel injection pump. The pump has been replaced.

1. Remove the return line fitting on the driver's valve cover.

2. Crank or start the engine.

3. Capture the return fuel.

4. Inspect for metal contamination. If metal is found, the system should be thoroughly inspected for contamination.

5. No metal, pinch the rubber line on the return nipple, the side with a single nipple, on the constant pressure regulator and attempt to start the engine.

6. If it now starts normally, the constant pressure regulator is defective.
Potential Causes:
Constant Pressure Regulator
Contaminated Fuel System
Confirmed Fix:    Replaced Constant Pressure Regulator 

Vehicle:    2012 Nissan Armada Platinum 5.6L, V8, MFI, DOHC, Eng Desg VK56DE, FLEX
Mileage:    39,441
Customer Concern:    Hears a beeping toward the rear of the vehicle when starting the engine. The beeping is from around the third row power folding seats.
Tests:    1. Use the third row power seat switch to fully fold the passenger side third row power seat down and then raise it all the way back up and see if the problem is corrected.

2. If the beeping is still present, perform the same procedure with the driver's side third row power seat - folding it all the way down and then fully raising it back up. 

3. Check for trouble codes in the third row power folding seat control unit. To initiate a chime code sequence cycle, turn the ignition switch ON and OFF 3 times within 5 seconds. The first digit will chime, then a pause, followed by the second digit. For example, a code 13 will have 1 chime, followed by a pause, and then 3 chimes. The third row power folding seat control unit will clear all codes that have been corrected after 255 ignition cycles.
Potential Causes: Third Row Power Folding Seat
Confirmed Fix:    Reset Third Row Power Folding Seat: Operated the seat all the way down and then all the way back up and the beeping noise stopped. The beeping may indicate to the driver that a seat is not in the proper position.
Tech Tips:    The third row power folding seat control unit is located in the control unit/cross beam assembly underneath the LH third row seat. It receives signals from the third row power folding seat switches, Transmission Control Module (TCM) and the Hall Effect switches mounted in the LH and RH seat motors. The control unit has self-diagnosis capability through chime codes and may be accessed by turning the ignition switch ON and OFF three times. The control unit drives the LH and RH seat motors to fold them up and down. The transmission has to be in park for the third row power folding seats to operate.

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