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Five Fast Fixes- 10/11/14

Vehicle:2005 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6L, V8, MFI, SOHC, VIN W, GAS

Customer Concern:The Right Front (RF) cornering lamp is on all the time whether the ignition is on or not, unless the parking lights are turned on.

Tests: 1. Disconnect the multifunction switch and look for the light to stay on or turn off.

2. If the light goes out with disconnection of the multifunction switch, it would support a shorted multifunction switch.

3. If the light is still on with the multifunction switch disconnected, disconnect the RF cornering light bulb and check for the presence of voltage to the bulb on the Brown/White (BR/WH) wire verifying it is shorted to a hot-at-all-times circuit of the harness running between the RF bulb and the multifunction switch connection. Inspect the harness and address the short, or cut the circuit as the RF cornering light bulb and the multifunction switch and run a replacement circuit between those two connections.

  • Potential Causes: Shorted Multifunction Switch
  • Shorted Cornering Light Bulb Wiring

Confirmed Fix: Replaced Cornering Light Bulb Wiring: The circuit was cut and a new wire run between the multifunction switch and bulb connections.


Five Fast Fixes
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