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February Heart Engine Health

It’s heart health month! Just as we take care of our own hearts, we should also consider taking care of our vehicles heart. Do you know what part of a vehicle is the heart? If you said the engine, then you are right!

We must take care of not just our health but our vehicles. Many forget that an annual tune-up for their engine is important. It is just as important as our own check-up. By taking a few minutes out of your day for a basic engine tune-up, you can save a vehicle from dying. Considering how no two people are alike, we must remember this about vehicles as well.  Basic engine tune-ups vary depending on the type of vehicle. Most basic tune-ups include a check of the following:

  • Battery / charging voltage 
  • Belts and hose
  • Scan for fault codes
  • Idle speed 
  • Gaskets and seals are reviewed for dirt, grime or leaks
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel Pump 
  • PCV Valve

Now, this is merely the basics, but most mechanical shops will complete a review of all filters and much more. All aspects of an engine tune-up are dependent on the shop you are visiting. You would not visit an orthodontist for chest pains but rather your family physician or a cardiologist. Just as you ensure you’re visiting the correct doctor, you should also ensure that your mechanical shops have the proper technicians to work on your vehicle. So, go red for heart health this February! Also, visit Kacal’s Auto and Truck Services for your engine health were our certified technicians work on domestic and international vehicles of all sizes. 

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