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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Simple Answer Service Intervals: Wheel Bearings

Question: I remember my dad having the shop “pack the bearings” on the family car. Is this something I need to have done? Kacal's Auto & Truck Service Answer: That's a really good question. At one time, all wheel bearings were “serviceable” and needed to be taken care of from time to time. It's a little trickier these days. First off, the wheel bearings in your vehicle make sure your wheels rotate smoothly. As you can imagine, with all those revolutions per minute your wheels can generate a lot of heat. The bearings keep that heat down as much as possible. They're packed in grease for lubrication. The term “packing the bearings” refers to putting fresh grease around the bearings. On many modern vehicles, the wheel bearing assembly is sealed. These wheel bearings are not serviceable so there is n ... read more

✔️ Prevent Transmission Problems!

Question My name is Suzanne.  We were taking a camping trip over a three-day weekend.  About half way to our campsite, the transmission went out on our SUV.  It took all weekend to get towed out and get back home. What can I do to prevent transmission problems in the future?   Answer Transmission repairs can be expensive.  On top of that poor Suzanne was out in the middle of nowhere.  Her vacation weekend turned into three days of car repairs. Look, transmissions are tough and durable.  All you must do to maintain them is replace the fluid on schedule.  The fluid gets contaminated with bits of clutch plates and metal.  Dirty transmission fluid under pressure acts like liquid sandpaper, eating away at important gaskets and seals. Then your transmission doesn’t shift as well.  It can start to leak and overheat.  And then you could end up like Suzanne. Another thing ... read more

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